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9mm Norma MHP 108gr 20 Round Box

CPR: $0.99

Bullet- All Copper Monolithic Hollow Point

Case- Brass

Use- Defense

Quantity- 20 Round Box

The Norma Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP) stands as a formidable all-copper projectile, distinguished by its remarkable expansion and formidable stopping capability. Engineered for unfailing chamber feeding in both pistols and carbines, it maintains unwavering terminal performance, irrespective of barrel length. With its consistent and impressive expansion, the Norma MHP aspires to redefine the benchmark for personal defense ammunition.

Crafted to deliver reliable performance across various barrel lengths, this 9mm bullet is renowned as one of the most expansive projectiles globally. Its design ensures dependable cycling in both pistols and carbines chambered for pistol calibers. Forged from cold-formed monolithic copper, it guarantees extreme terminal performance. Furthermore, it exhibits remarkable uniformity in penetration and expansion when tested in gelatin and clear ballistics media.

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